How much money will I save by getting my vehicle with the help of CCC?

Every deal is different, but you can expect to save thousands of dollars off the suggested retail price of the vehicle when a CCC consultant handles your purchase negotiation. We will get you a deal that saves you money, guaranteed! Our compensation is a small portion of the amount you save.

How much does CCC charge to use their service?

For example; one client experienced a number of dealerships holding out for full MSRP on a new Subaru WRX, due to limited availability. CCC was able to save him a lot of time, stress and a whopping $2305.00, even after our fee of $395. Our compensation is a small portion of the amount you save.

Why would an auto dealership let CCC come in and negotiate a lower purchase price for its clients?

Dealerships in the GTA agree to work with CCC because even though we’re negotiating “skinny deals” we’re bringing them business in volume. We speak their language, with every deal our consultants go to bat for you the purchaser. Arranging the best price and scrutinizing 19 to 25 items on your deal sheet to cut your costs.

Does CCC get any financial incentive from the dealership?

No absolutely not! CCC offers a unique service due to an exclusive arrangement directly with General Managers at dealerships. CCC is your advocate, our compensation is a small portion of the amount you save.

Can CCC help me buy a used vehicle?

Yes. If a vehicle is being sold through a dealership, we can negotiate a price for you just over dealer cost. We arrange deals on new and used vehicles, financed, cash, trade or no trade. CCC services do not include private transactions. Contact us: 647-642-AUTO (2886)

What kind of guarantee does CCC offer me?

We guarantee you a purchase price just over dealer cost on most new or used automobiles. When our consultants handle your negotiations at the dealership, we’ll go over every item on your purchase agreement to show you where we’ve achieved savings before you sign. We will coach you through the financial decisions and choices you’ll face in what’s called “the back end”, where dealerships will offer you extended warranties and other add-ons, areas where they make big profits. Our goal is always to get the purchase price of your vehicle as close to dealership cost as possible, while allowing the dealer to make a slim profit. On average, a client buying a new vehicle with the help of CCC can expect to pay thousands less than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. We will be there for you even after the deal is done, to ensure a smooth delivery. Talk to us – consultations are always free.