CCC is dedicated to taking the stress and aggravation out of your auto shopping experience. We will begin by sitting down with you to discuss your vehicle wants and needs, helping you pinpoint makes and models that fit your lifestyle and budget. We will set up your test drive appointments so you don’t have to deal with salesmen hassling you at the dealership site. We will accompany you to the dealership and do the dickering on your behalf. There are between 19 to 25 items on a deal sheet that are common pitfalls where the consumer can get dinged. We’ll hold your hand every step of the way and scrutinize every item on your deal sheet to make sure you’re not paying a penny more than you have to for the vehicle you want. Then we’ll walk you through the financial decisions and choices you’ll face in what’s called “the back end” of the deal, where the dealership will offer you extended warranties and add-ons, areas where they make big profits. We will guide you in dealing and negotiating with the dealer to arrive at a purchase price that is just slightly over dealer cost.

Typically, a client will save thousands of dollars off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, when a CCC consultant negotiates the purchase agreement with the dealership. That’s money in your pocket and time on your side, our compensation is a small portion of the amount you save when the deal is done. For example one client experienced a number of dealerships holding out for full MSRP on a new Subaru WRX due to limited availability. CCC was able to save him a lot of time, stress and a whopping $2305.00, even after paying our fee of $395.00. All the math is there in black and white for you to see. The dealership will accept our “skinny deal”, you’ve made a big purchase with substantial savings, CCC has another happy client who will refer us to family and friends.